Discover 4 Incredible Things To Do In The UK

Anyone who is planning a trip to the UK will be delighted to know that there is an abundance of interesting and fun things to do while there. The UK has a long history and because of that, there are many unique and historical places for travelers to visit. Here we will take a look at 4 incredible places travelers should visit while in the UK.

1. Stonehenge

It is believed that this standing of rocks was constructed in 3100 BC. Anyone who has even the vaguest understanding of how difficult it would be even today to lift those stones so they sit on top of the others will view the site in true amazement. The area is located about eight miles north of the city of Salisbury.

The stones each way about 25 tons and they sit atop other stones that are over 13 ft high. Some estimations conclude that it took over 1500 years to complete its construction. Anyone who is visiting the UK should not miss out on the opportunity of visiting Stonehenge.

2. Buckingham Palace

Home of the sitting Queen and all the kings and queens before her is Buckingham Palace.

It is similar to the White House in that it serves not only as a residence but also an administrative headquarters for the current monarch and for the United Kingdom.

It’s located in the city of Westminster and is commonly used to host events for the state and to demonstrate Royal hospitality.

As Buckingham Palace is really the symbol of what the UK represents, it is a must-visit location for anyone coming to the UK.

Anyone who goes to London and doesn’t go to this location is missing out as it would be like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower. The palace is neoclassical architecture and was transformed from Buckingham House into Buckingham Palace in the early 1800s.

3. Roman Baths

These represent a historic and complex site in the city of Bath. The house itself is highly preserved and was used as a site for the Romans to enjoy a public bath. The baths sit below street level in the area.

The building is built in Victorian and neoclassical architecture. The Romans were unaware that using lead pipes to allow water to come into the baths would expose them to lead. For that reason, the baths would not be safe to bathe in by modern standards.

While it may not be safe to bathe in these ancient baths they still represent a significant era in Europe’s past. For that reason, they are definitely a place that someone visiting the UK should put on their list for visiting in a Jeep rental.

4. London Eye

Why not have some fun on the London Eye? Located on the banks of the river Thames in the city of London is a giant Ferris wheel. It stands over 440 ft tall and is capable of holding 800 people which is equal to almost a dozen double-decker buses.