Market Overview Of The Car Rental Industry

The industry for car rental is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United Kingdom. This industry averages about $18.5 billion as revenue every year and services approximately 1.9 million rental vehicles in the UK segment of the market. Additionally, there are a large number of car rental companies apart from the industry leaders subdividing the total revenue. Dissimilar to the other mature industries, the industry for car rental is consolidated and this naturally puts the newcomers at a certain cost disadvantage because they need to face high costs of input with decreased potential of economies of scale.

Integration Level

The industry for car rentals has a completely different atmosphere than was the case five years back.Competition Level within the Industry

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As per vehicles are rented until they have run 20, 000 to 30, 000 miles and until the vehicles are regulated to the industry for used cars.

Car Rental Industry

Due to the slow growth of the industry and the narrow profit margin, there is hardly any kind of imminent threat to the backward integration.

Competition Level

There is huge competition within the car rental industry and there are several factors shaping the competitive landscape of the industry.

There are two important sources of competition within the car rental industry and these are vacation consumers and the corporate sector. It can be rightly said that the industry for car rental is basically a war zone with many rental companies engaging in the battle of the fittest.

Lamborghini Gallardo

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